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New Google Algorithm Update !

Well it happens apparently something like four hundred times per year, the old algorithm updates at Google, however maybe many of them are kind of like tweaks. Every now and again however there is something pretty major that hits the scene. Last year it was the Panda update this year it could be the Penguin update.

The Penguin update was launched on the 24th of April, only a few days ago however it is really causing a stink on certain posts online. I read one last night from some dude who claims his website employs a couple of people, gives him a living, supports the family, pays his mortgage but now it has all gone in days due to the update. I saw that some other guy had even started a petition against it, wow!

Essentially the update is targeted at web spammers, low value content, paid link schemes, keyword stuffing and regarding on page factors the structure of a site has come under increasing scrutiny. Duplicate pages and so on.

So as always there are people like the cases above who have been hit hard by this and are complaining and of course there are certain people who sound like holy smart arses saying that it is cool, to be expected blah blah.

My opinion on it for what it is worth…….I kind of feel a bit of both ways on it and for two reasons. First of all in defence of such changes, yes they are intended to make search a better and more rewarding experience that is for sure, however………….It seems to me that a new change comes out, SEO changes a little because of what it demands. People quite innocently do what they are told to do and because of the competitive nature of business, of the internet they do what they have to do to get ahead. Let us not forget that low value sites can and do get high rankings through certain link building and other SEO efforts. I am not excusing this, far from it because in many ways such unfair techniques are in a way ripping people off in one form or another. However it seems to me that many people have tried to build links quite innocently and even offered value in the process, think high quality article sites, not bad ones. I personally feel very sorry for the innocent people who have got stung from such activity because at one time that was very much where the arrow was pointing in terms of getting high quality backlinks with good velocity. But at the same time(innocent people aside) spammers are a pain in the ass, they are the pollution of the online world and for environmental reasons they need to be addressed:)

The crazy thing is in my mind that Google announces something and everyone jumps in that direction, they change direction and then there is a car crash so to say. As of today, social signals are very important to search results. In fact this seems to be the new buzz for SEO. Get people talking about your site, links from FB, Twitter blah blah. You can see the logic behind this, because such signals, such votes are human…….but are they? I say this because there are ways to manipulate social media for your own gains, for the benefit of your rankings in search engines. I do not necessarily use such techniques but I know these techniques or at least where or how to do them. Of course others know this too and in time more people will and then there will be as much social media spam as there is backlink spam and so on and so on. However long down the road, there will be a car crash again I am guessing and people who have been investing man hours and cash in their projects thinking it is the right way to go will be super annoyed to say the least.

But at the same time and it is kind of bitter sweet, I guess human emotion cannot be taken into account  and things need to be done to improve things and make things more honest for people. My only gripe is what next!!! Of course I myself look at the Google webmaster guidelines and what is stated within has been Google’s Gospel for a while now however…….I am not so sure if great websites make it to the top on looks and content alone. I say this because I myself two years ago invested quite heavily in the creation of a website that to be quite frank about it was much better than any other website in the world for that particular subject and still very much is. I know this because I made it that way, I looked at what my competition would be and acted accordingly, nothing compares! However where is that site today? Well it is on page one for the main keyword a keyword that gets typed into Google about half a million times per month! It also has about eighteen million competing pages, however it is not on the top of page one, in fact it is at the very bottom……so, I could be forgiven for asking “hey,where is my commercial”. On top of this, I can honestly say that I had to get extremely aggressive early on SEO wise with the site. So for me personally it feels like six of one and half a dozen of the other, know what I am saying:))) If I had not worked on it from an SEO angle I doubt one could even find it, I mean for a while it was hanging around way back there! I have to point out also that when I was starting a strategy for that site, I by chance found an incredible website, in fact it took my breath away a bit, everything was right about it but from what I could see it was nowhere. I remember to this day how sorry I felt for the owner, it was a great site at the time!

I do not know, well in one respect I do know, I mean if a client comes to me tomorrow with a fresh plan then I have got one for them too in fact it is the same as I have had for a while now, for me kind of nothing has changed but…….I can see that some people with good sites have been hit hard.

It is one of them nothing and nobody is perfect, there is actually something about this exact website that runs foul of this new update, although to my knowledge it is not due to spam but instead something else and quite innocent too.

Yes in case you have not noticed, this site is kind of still under construction. The reason, I am always super busy with new projects and stuff. I keep making my posts though, so as to offer readers some value. If anyone reading this is keen to read more then this is a super SEO blog or here is another great blog for the world of SEO.


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